Website Blocking

Block Domains

Adding instagram.com to the block list will block all webpages on Instagram including subdomains.

Block URLs

Adding reddit.com/r/dankmemes will block that specific page only.

Use wildcards

Use * to represent any text. Adding reddit.com/search/*q=*memes* to the block list will prevent any searches containing the word “memes”.

Whitelist domains and URLs

Adding a domain or URL to the exemption list will exempt it from being blocked.

Import block lists from presets

Phoenix has 11 site categories available as presets to add to the block list. (Social Media, Gambling, Porn, etc.)

block websites

App Blocking

Block files

Browse to the .exe file and add it to the block list.

Block folders

Adding a folder to the block list will block all .exe files in that folder. Great for blocking your entire steam or game library all at once.

block apps

Block Policies


Set a number of breaks you can take at anytime during block.

Block duration

Define the duration of the block in hours and minutes.

Lock blocks

Locking a block prevents the block from being started and stopped at will. Locking a block will force it to run its entire duration before being disabled.

Distraction Free YouTube mode

Modify your YouTube experience to be more focused. DF YouTube hides all YouTube feeds, but still allows you to search and watch specific content.

block policies

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